Mark Pheonix & Dwizzy Bodega - Distorted Visions

from Mark Pheonix X Dwizzy Bodega by Mark Pheonix

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Mark Pheonix(Swive)
Dwizzy Bodega(Swive Swive) and i don't know what else to say(Swive Swive Swive Swive Swive)

Verse 1 -
Enter my zone, its hella chilly here
What do you expect I'm smoother than a cool breeze
Where's that Mark Pheonix song can I have it oh please?
Don't worry Mark and Dwizzy gonna bring you what you need
Never aim to be local I'm too far in the distance
Think I'm lying but ya girl opened her legs and said get it
If I was man A i would have did my best to fit in
And my pheonix ain't rise, so no, i ain't stick it
I wanna leave this place but i cant work this stick shift
A dogs gonna bark so tell the bitches stop bitching
I'm soo sick and tired of these females male bashing
They want a good man but turn ghost when the cash-end
Thinking sex is a fair exchange
Its a 2 person job bitch, stop being lame
Then again, niggas like YOU taint our image
So i hit em with the truth but they just don't listen

Hook -

I see ya girl looking at me
But I'm paying no mind to her
Cuz honestly right now
My whole vision is blurr

Verse 2 -

Well here we are again
I'm minding my business and you pestering again
Keep hindering, telling me its time to let you in
Lady I'm stubborn, don't expect a quick win
I told you to leave but you insists on staying
Said you see beyond the beast well keep on praying
My hearts a glacier but you wanna feel the fire
I said i'm no good and you called me a liar
Said i'm a fraud, asked her how is that true?
She said you know me, and i know you
And, you own me, And I own you
So wherever you may go, I'm right beside you
Wherever I go sheeeeeee go(Shout outs to lupe)
Wherever I go sheeeeeee go

Hook -

Verse 3 -

Used to have dreams of blowing up
But If i blow up i fear my music will suck
I don't wanna be famous, I wanna be known
I don't want a big house, But i want a big home
They say home is where the heart is
My heart is in this music so i guess thats where I live
From drum kits to Synths you can catch me with the horns
The violins is why I'm still stringing along
Life is short, but I eluded death for so long
I always come up short but Mark is standing tall
Even though every day living is a war
I'ma rise above the ashes and move like a boss
The only ninja who won't kill a witness
Like Lucid00 I ask for snitches
Acrylic Style yea we did it again
Close ya eyes girl and let ya hair blow in the wind, NOWW

Hook -

I see ya girl looking at me, and Dwizzy
But we paying no mind to her
Cuz honestly right now
Our whole vision is a blurr

Outro -

Where I go sheeee go
Mark Pheonix
Dwizzy Bodega
Then I say "Swive" in the backround a lot lol

- Mark Pheonix


from Mark Pheonix X Dwizzy Bodega, track released December 4, 2010
Dwizzy Bodega Mark Pheonix


all rights reserved



Mark Pheonix Bronx, New York

Mark Pheonix is a rap artist from The Bronx, NY repping Acrylic Style. Mark's style is abstract in the sense of, he's all over the place but somehow fits everything together. He at times has a whimsical or laid back cadence layered with jokes while also being serious at the same time. ... more

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