Mark Pheonix - Scorpion Freeverse

from by Mark Pheonix



I really just wanted to rap to this beat. Original song is Charles Hamilton - Scorpion. The vocals are kind of rough but meh its just me spitting bars. I like the rawness of it
SN: I freestyled the last 4 bars. Not important but figure i'd put that out there


Verse -

I’m here to kill this beat like i’m packing the heat/
Make the scene get bitter when ya'll thought it was sweet/
Ya’ll witches clear the room or i’ll sweep you off ya feet
Thought I was jumping the broom but i caught cold feet/
Omarian was telling bitches that he had an ice box/
I can’t connect those line, so swive it i’ll stop/
In this game its all about who’s gonna last long/
Wanna say swive hugh before I past the baton/
2011, ASMG/
Better yet ASMG till infinity/
Won’t stop hitting even if you start feeling me/
Ya raps are like my friends who make bad decisions,ya killing me/
Too greedy to save the last dance/
The only dress you’ll ever catch me in, is dress pants/
You’ll never see me before you with less than/
Other than, greater than/
Even back when I was whack I was greater than/
My record has no zero no 1 no Benjamin's/
I won’t say ya girl wants me to get it in/
Cuz If I get it in, she wont live/
Cuz i’m knocking teeth out and cracking a few ribs/
HaHa, I was talking about the lyrics that I spit/
A lot of dudes be dope and probally hella nice/
Eventually they be sucking cream filling right out of their hype/
So fat off of the dick sucking I don’t get it/
When you think of tradegies well I’m the spitting image/
I don't snort lines,i stay in the line of scrimmage/
Like there’s meat dangling over my face, I’m a get it/
I’m not popping bottles or getting high b/
I’m in the crib writing bars and playing RPGS/
G-shit looking for my G-chick/
I found one who could kick it but she never wanna kick it/
I mean she can really kick it on some high-ya shit/
But its a long road to get to the end of her bridge/
Her chorus is flawless her bars are untouchable/
Her punchlines are dope and she’s way more than fuckable/
Bop ya head clap ya hands mother fucker get busy/
This year i’ll show you can’t end me/
I’m on another level ya’ll demi’s ask for more/
But I already feasted like 4+4(Ate), Mark Pheonix


from Random tracks that may or may not be on a project, track released January 29, 2011


all rights reserved



Mark Pheonix Bronx, New York

Mark Pheonix aka Least Favorite aka The Notorious S.A.D aka Whatever other aka i decide to add on that day. Born and Raised In Bronx, NYC. Songwriter/rapper that happens to be a geek/gamer.
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